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Campaign Reform
Our first issue is to reform our Oregon constitution so that it reflects our values. Our state has moved in the direction to gain more representation from everyday people. As a former 2016 Sanders delegate, I believe we need a legislature that works for the working class. Nearly every state government and the federal government has adopted limitations on donations to campaigns, but Oregon has not. To address this problem, I provide the following three solutions.
1. A maximum donation of $1500 from any individual donating to a candidate.
2. A ban on lobbyists from running for office, or holding office, if they have lobbied within the previous five years.
3. A maximum donation of $4500 to any individual candidate from any Political Action Committee.

The rising increase of our housing needs to be addressed. As more and more people move into our largest population centers, we have a responsibility to influence the structure around them. I provide two initial steps that we can take to tackle the housing crisis.

1. Increase public transportation to accomodate for living further outside major population areas where people may commute without spending 3 hours in traffic.

2. Continue efforts in the legislature to establish high population zones to influence construction teams to create multiple residencies in what would initially have been one larger home.


As we push for our federal government to establish Medicare-For-All, I will fight to ensure every Oregonian has the right to healthcare from the state legislature view.


People often ridicule us Oregonians for loving our trees so much. I always take it as a compliment when I meet people from other parts of the country. I believe we have an urgency to be making steps and race towards being the first state in the country with 100% sustainable energy. I believe we have the opportunity to do this while ensuring we do not hurt our working class.